We are proud to belong to an elite group – the Alpha Program.

TEI Roofing is one of only 12 contractors accepted into this group in the United States! The Alpha Program was originally developed in the mid 1990’s to assist a high performing roofing manufacturer by identifying techniques to differentiate offerings and reduce risk to all parties. This program has shifted into an all-encompassing continuous improvement program, which performs the following:

  1. Tracks and monitors the performance of qualified roof installers (contractors)
  2. Educates facility owners on the concept of buying based on value (instead of just low price)
  3. Educates facility owners on the differences between high performing and low performing contractors and systems
  4. Requires that all qualified installers meet performance metrics identified by the PBSRG. These include:
    • Documentation of all roofs installed (over 5000 SF)
    • Yearly survey of all new roofs installed
    • Third party physical inspection of roofs biennially
    • Ensure that 98% of roofs do not leak
    • Ensure that 98% of customers are satisfied
    • Attend an annual Alpha conference

The Alpha program has resulted in the documented performance of an SPF roofing system that can last over 20 years – the ‘Alpha System’. This system is unlike any other SPF roofing system on the market due to its documented high performance.

Additional Certifications and Accreditations

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