Roof Systems Comparison

After more than 18 years in business, we’ve encountered a wide variety of roof systems on commercial buildings. Whether it is a metal roof, tar & asphalt roof,  pitched or flat roof, some are in good condition while others have serious problems.

What we’ve found is that no roof systems are ideal for all cases. At Tillotson Enterprises, we take the time to sit down and discuss all of the options with you and arrive at the best solution for your building together.

The following is a brief discussion of the pros and cons of the various systems offered by Tillotson Enterprises and our competitors.


We hope this information has helped you to make your roofing decision. At Tillotson Enterprises, we offer only the roofing systems outlined on the Tillotson Roofing Systems page of this website. The two most popular roof solutions are the MR System and the spray foam roof system. We like these because the MR system is less expensive than all other options, and the finished product, for the money, is an excellent buy. The spray foam roof system really offers more than we could ever put into words. When installed correctly, a foam roof is by far a superior roofing solution.

Tillotson Enterprises focuses on employing a quality workforce that shows attention to all of the details that go into creating a quality roofing application. Our employees have gone through training and obtained certifications allowing our company to ensure that you, the customer, will be completely satisfied. In a roofing season; we spend less than one percent of our time on warranty work. The people we employ to sell our roof systems are the same people who are there to perform the application and to ensure that it is being done properly. We look forward to working with you; and being the solution to your roofing problems.

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